Dance Studio Design Ideas

A lifelong dancer would always find it nostalgic to enter a dance studio. The beautiful wood flooring, oversized mirrors, and ballet barres can evoke the emotion of every dancer. Now that you’ve become a studio owner, it’s time to capture that essence and let it be felt among your students. If you have no idea where to start, then we got you covered.

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Check out these top design ideas for your very own dance studio:

Come up with a plan - The first step to designing your dancing studio space is to decide on your budget. Fortunately, interior design can provide you with plenty of wonderful ideas that can be budget friendly. Now, the exterior design may seem a bit pricey but you can always talk to a contractor to see if you can get an estimate for a low-budget remodeling. Those at or can provide you with some help and they have great deals so don't hesitate in checking them out.

You can have your own spreadsheet to keep every information tracked and organized. List down every spaces you plan to work on and decide a budget for each one. As you start making purchases, track down everything you’ve spent so far so that you can stay within your budget. You can spend less in certain areas so that you can have some more to spend for the other spaces. This spreadsheet is a great way to keep you from going overboard.

Color for the dance studio walls – Majority of the walls will be covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling so that your dancers can watch themselves perform. Studios are best kept simple to avoid any distractions. After all, the focal point here are your dancers!

As for the wall space in other areas, you can paint those to make the studio more polished and beautiful. When you’re looking for the best colors for your dance studio rooms, anything that’s in the shade of soothing light tones of blue or green are perfect. If you want to add some decoration for your painting, then go for neutral browns, grays, or whites. For a perfect pairing of your walls and floors, you can ask Pablo Schroeder for some good advice on that.

Add some good lighting – Dance studio lightings should be both beautiful and functional. An overly white and bright fluorescent lighting is bad, and a dim room is even worse.

LED lighting is a frontrunner when you are still browsing. The reason why LED lighting is the best is because of these benefits:

·         Longevity and energy-efficiency that will save you money on utilities.

·         Low heat loss that will not let your dancers overheat due to warm lights.

·         Several color temperatures and lumen outputs to customize your look.

Don’t be afraid to add lamps into certain spaces. From the front desk to the waiting area, a beautiful floor or table lamp can bring a solid statement to your dance studio decor.

Wall art for dance studios – Now that you’ve taken cared of the big aspects of your dance studio, it’s time for the finishing touches. You can bring your space to life with some meaningful art or decorative spaces that reflects your studio.

Wall decals can be easily applied, and they can be switched out if you want to keep things fresh all the time. You can use inspirational quotes, murals, or even wallpaper patterns for your dance studio art. If you want the traditional painting or photographs, then there are so many wall arts for you to choose from. For those on a tight budget, you can find prints and frame them yourself.

Now that you have an idea on where to start, you should be fine with setting up your dance studio. Hopefully, you can achieve what you planned and get yourself more students in the process.

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